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San Diego Unified School District

Kimbrough Elementary School

Governance Team By-laws& Mission Statement


We, the staff, parents, andcommunity of Kimbrough Elementary School, are committed to: Providinga safe and caring environment where all children are given the opportunity togrow in knowledge, responsibility, and self-esteem; and to experience a love oflearning. Our common goal is toprovide our students with future life skills for success in a diverse society.

  2. Thename of this council will be Kimbrough Governance Team.

  4. Withinappropriate district procedure and collective bargaining agreements, theKimbrough Governance Team will be empowered to make recommendations anddecisions.

  6. ▫ Curriculum/Programs

    ▫ Assessment/Instruction

    ▫ Parent/CommunityInvolvement

    ▫ StudentAchievement

    ▫ Technology

    ▫ Staffing

    ▫ Budget

    ▫ Facility


    1. Size &Composition
    2. TheKimbrough Governance Team will be composed of six (6) members as follows:

      The needsand resources of the school Governance Team require that membership includebroad representation of parents and staff. Representation on the Governance Team will be: The principal, representatives of teachersselected by other school personnel at the school, parents of pupils attendingthe school selected by such parents.

      ▫ Administrator (1)

      ▫ Certificated (3)that includes the SDEA Representative

      ▫ Parents (2)

    3. Term ofOffice
    4. Allmembers of the Governance Team will serve a two-year term. Half of the team will serve a one-year termto implement a staggered term replacement procedure for the first year of theteam's existence.

    5. DecisionMaking Process
    6. Whilethe members will strive for consensus in decision-making in order to pass andimplement any procedure, there must be a two-thirds majority.

      The Kimbrough Governance Team will strive to reachfull consensus on all matters.

      In the eventthat the members cannot reach full consensus, the chairperson will call for afive minute break. The chairperson andan administrator will then determine procedure for resolution which mayinclude, but not be limited it:

      ▫ Tabling the itemunder discussion

      ▫ Caucusing

      ▫ Mediation(District Policy)

      ▫ Arbitration(District Policy)

      ▫ Forming of taskforces to make recommendation to the Governance Team

    7. Ratificationand Amendment Procedure
    8. Ratificationof the Kimbrough Governance Team by-laws requires a 50% plus one vote of themembers in attendance. The by-laws mayin no way supersede the established Federal, State and District guidelines andregulations. The by-laws will bereviewed annually. Amendments to theby-laws require:

      • A quorum ofGovernance Team members, and

      • 50% plus one voteof the Governance Team members in attendance

    9. Evaluation
    10. TheKimbrough Governance Team will assess its effectiveness in a procedure that isin compliance with guidelines from State and District.

    11. Terminationof Membership
    12. Amember will no longer hold membership should he/she cease to be a resident ofthe area or no longer meets the membership requirements under which eh/she wasselected (e.g. a parent becomes employed by the district). Membership will automatically terminate forany members who is absent from all regular meetings for a period of threeconsecutive months. The Governance Teamcan suspend or expel a member by a vote of 50% plus one of all the members.

    13. Transfer ofMembership
    14. Membershipin the Kimbrough Governance Team is not transferable or assignable.

    15. Resignations
    16. Anymember may resign by filing a written resignation with the Kimbrough GovernanceTeam.

    17. Vacancy

    Anyvacancy on the Governance Team will be filled for the remainder of the schoolyear by appointment by the chairperson. If the unexpired term is for another full year thereafter, the term forthat year will be filled by the regular selection process.


    1. Officers
    2. Theofficers of the Kimbrough Governance Team will be a chairperson,co-chairperson, recorder, and such other officers as the Governance Team maydeem desirable.

    3. Election andTerm of Officers
    4. Theofficers of the Kimbrough Governance Team will be elected annually and willserve for one year or until each successor has been elected.

    5. Removal
    6. Anyofficer may be removed by a 50% plus one vote of all members sitting on theKimbrough Governance Team whenever, in the judgment of the Governance Team, thebest interests of the Governance Team would be served thereby.

    7. Vacancy
    8. Avacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, disqualification,or otherwise will be filled by the Governance Team by special election for theunexpired portion of the term.

    9. Chairperson/Co-Chairperson
    10. Thechairperson and/or co-chairperson will preside at meetings of the KimbroughGovernance Team; will sign all letters, reports, and other communications ofthe Governance Team; and will be responsible to:

      1. Ensure that the GovernanceTeam abides by the by-laws and as mandated by school district and Stateeducational policies.

      2. Prepare theagenda and designate the amount of time to be spent on the agenda items. Note: Agenda items are due three working daysprior to the next meeting. No new agenda items will be added to theagenda unless agreed upon by the majority.

      3. Set meeting agendas with administration.

      4. Ensure that the meeting is well organized (keep thegroup on task).

      5. Be a gatekeeper (everyone is heard).

      6. Follow Robert's Rules of Order.

      7. Post the noticeof the Governance Team's meetings on the bulletin board in the lounge andworkroom.

    11. Recorder

    Arecorder will volunteer or be nominated to serve a one-year term and will beresponsible for taking the minutes of the meeting and submitting them to theoffice for typing. Minutes shall begiven to the chairperson/co-chairperson five days prior to the nextmeeting. The recorder is alsoresponsible for making any corrections to the minutes as requested byGovernance Team members.


    1. Regular Meetings
    2. TheKimbrough Governance Team will meet once a month at 2:45 p.m. for a minimum ofeight (8) meetings per school year.

    3. SpecialMeetings
    4. Specialmeetings may be called by the Chairperson or majority vote of the KimbroughGovernance Team.

    5. Place ofMeetings
    6. TheKimbrough Governance Team will hold its regular monthly meetings and specialmeetings in a facility provided by the school and readily accessible by allmembers of the public, including handicapped person.

    7. Notice ofMeetings
    8. Noticesof the meetings will be posted at the school site 24 hours prior to themeeting. The notices will specify thetime, date and location of the meeting, and an agenda describing each act ofbusiness to be discussed or acted upon.

    9. Posting of Minutes
    10. Agendaitems and decisions of the Kimbrough Governance Team will be posted at the sitein a central location. Drafts of theminutes will be posted in the parent room, staff lounge, workroom, and frontoffice.

    11. Quorum
    12. Thepresence of 50% plus one of the total membership will be required in order toconstitute a quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of theKimbrough Governance Team.

    13. Conduct of Meetings
    14. Allregular and special meetings of the Kimbrough Governance Team will be conductedin accordance with Robert's Rules of Order or in accordance with an appropriateadaptation.

    15. Meetings Open to the Public
    16. Allmeetings will be open to the public unless there is an issue on the agendawhich requires it to be a closed meeting. Any person who wishes to address the Governance Team needs to be on theagenda.

    revised October 25, 2013

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